Internal garden with Co:Noise

A live investigation,  an interactive art installation, an educational event on plant consciousness.

DATAGARDEN’S MidiSprout, Justin explored the signals registered from various plants biometric data.By deciphering and registering the impulses and interactions of plants with a device that uses a MIDI interface to transform the impedance from a leaf to the root system of a plant into music, which gives voice to plant perception.In this intimate experience, the experiment  sent the plants signal from the device into the audiences body, as an immersive physical dimensional field. This was achieved by connection to a Subpac, a wearable technology that pulses sound through the body mass by three layers of immersion by haptics vibrations on surface on skin, proprioceptive registration of changes in force and pressure and bone conduction.Plant and person will became one.The public experienced a new perception of delicate inter-species languages and awareness about the consciousness of nature.

For this event Justin was joined by Co:Noise (Matt Ashdown and Martin Pease). Co:Noise is a participatory project from arts organisation Moogie Wonderland that enables non-musicians and musicians of all levels and ages to perform and experiment with music together. It aims to inspire people to find new and affordable routes to making music. co:noise events are usually in live settings and they are set up in a way that allows people to make music without any previous experience needed.

For this event, the co:noise team was testing out new easy-build and cheap electronic instruments they are creating on electronic breadboards and how they interact with other sounds such as the sounds from plant.“ Avant Gardener “ an exclusive beer by the award winning brewery Woodman’s Wild Ales was available. Audience members were invited to join in the performance. The event was held in the council chambers on the first floor above the library in Falmouth.This is a direct unedited room recording of the performance.